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The most reliable company from which customers can fulfill their needs of Jumbo Bags, Liners Bags, Baffle Bags and a lot more.

About Us
Part-A (tape manufacturing)- We maintain all specifications like strength, elongation, tape width, color UVR and anti-fab master batch as per the FIBC as well as the woven sacks international standards.

We are, Anand Jyoti Packaging Industries, a firm whose level of excellence is unmatched by many companies of this industry, when it comes to operating in most praiseworthy manner. We are a reliable manufacturer of a wide array of Bags and Fabric. A company, which makes sure that any investment customers make, will give them back, the best in return. In our ambit of products, we maintain Jumbo Bags, Baffle Bags, Liners Bags, Woven Fabric, PP/HDPE Fabric, and much more.  We are reliable, and trusting us is the best option that any customer can make.

The manufacturing works we undertake, are carried out in sincere compliance to the norms that are regulated by most regarded authorities of this industry. We ensure optimum results in the end of every work we do. Be it at times of production or when we carry out a business deal, we ascertain that at the end of everything, we will add up to our pace, and succeed. Further, To serve customers on a wider aspect, we operate as a Service Provider, and offer Fabric Bag Job Work Services.

An Ambitious Company

Its our ambitious mindset that has been driving us to achieve growth & success in this market. Where we are standing today, is far from where we started, yet still the destination is not near. In order to continue accomplishing so that we can take leaps toward attaining our goal, we always focus on being ambitious. We work with the ideology that every task we execute in our premises, will add up to our success, and earn us recognition in this market. This ambitious state of mind of our personnel help us overcome every obstacle and further make us face challenges with ease.

About The Team That Works With Us

Success of a company depends solely on what its employees achieve and how they achieve. As we have succeeded greatly in the markets, we are able to state it with utmost pride that our employees are the reason behind it. These individuals have proven to be one of the best resources to our company, that is not stopping to make us conquer even more. The way our personnel work reflects upon the reputation of our company. Consequently, we are an ethical, responsible, and highly trustworthy company, that bests at its work. Some of the teams that we have employed in our facility are:-
  • Manufacturing Experts
  • Logistics Personnel
  • Quality Checkers
  • Accountants